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Bookkeeping Plus offers genuine know-how, real-world achievement, and great customer service.  This is the foundation for our outstanding reputation. Our wide range of expertise includes Accounting, Consulting, and Training, as well as Compliance services in the fields of extra-curricular accounting for schools and internal control for government entities and schools. 

Bookkeeping Plus has been offering dependable, accurate and honest accounting services for over 30 years.

Beyond bookkeeping, we offer the financial consulting and training necessary for your success.

We help you bring your entity into regulatory compliance, so you can minimize liability and risk.


Over the last three decades, Bookkeeping Plus, Inc. has provided accounting services to scores of entities in almost every field imaginable: Profit, Nonprofit, Business, Charity, Education, Healthcare, Government, Professional.  Whatever type of organization you have, we can turn our experience into your success.

Bookkeeping Plus has over three decades of experience with a wide variety of small businesses, representing many industries, professions, products, and services.

The name “Bookkeeping Plus” has been synonymous with charter school accounting for over a decade in Indiana. CEO Beth Marsh and her staff offer industry-insider knowledge and the highest degree of integrity. 

Practitioners in the healthcare field rely on BPI for accounting and advice: physicians, veterinarians, chiropractors, dentists—even pharmacy and home healthcare services.

Bookkeeping Plus has worked with government entities such as towns and townships for many years. We understand the particular requisites for their accounting system.

A nonprofit entity has special requirements for its operations and accounting system. Bookkeeping Plus has worked hard over the years to develop its reputation for unique expertise in this area.

BPI offers public school accounting, consulting, and SBOA regulatory compliance in fields such as internal control and extra-curricular accounting.

Churches enjoy all the benefits of being a nonprofit, including being exempt from state and federal taxes. But they also have the responsibility to track the money received by their church. Bookkeeping Plus has the privilege of having many of these types of organizations as a client.

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