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Bookkeeping Plus has worked with government entities such as towns and townships for many years. We understand the particular requisites for their accounting system. Government entities in Indiana are subject to the regulations and oversight of the State Board of Accounts (SBOA). There are specific and stringent requirements for reporting, auditing, and tracking.


Township offices have a vast array of responsibilities. They receive and disburse monies from various fund sources, which have to be tracked.


In Indiana, the elected township trustee must prepare a budget for the approval of the township board. Bookkeeping Plus can assist with this important annual task. The state Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) is responsible for oversight of township budgeting. Of course, townships are involved with tax levies and revenues, which are also overseen by DLGF.


The State Board of Accounts (SBOA) publishes guidelines and procedures for township accounting. BPI works with the township trustee to ensure compliance with SBOA regulations. For the SBOA audit, BPI makes sure the accounts are audit-ready, and provides any information that the auditors might need.


The Clerk-Treasurer of a town has substantial responsibility for maintaining the books of account, tracking utility payments and deposits, preparing a budget, and complying with regulations from SBOA and requirements from DLGF.  Bookkeeping Plus can help with all these tasks, as well as provide training for new clerks.





  • Maintaining a general ledger

  • Receipt and deposit of revenues

  • Expenses and accounts payable

  • Checkwriting, purchasing, and vendor management

  • Fixed asset tracking

  • Working with industry-approved software

  • Balance Sheet, Income and Expense, Budget-to-Actual

  • Previous Year Comparison reports

  • Bank and Credit Card reconciliations

  • Cash flow management and reports

  • Reports prepared monthly, quarterly, annually, or as needed

  • Form 1099

  • Annual Personnel Report (Form 100R)

  • Payroll Processing (in-house or third-party service)

  • Payroll Expense Tracking by Department

  • Payroll Reports; Year-End Reports and W-2s

  • Retirement Savings Plan Payment Processing


Indiana has a recent law requiring specific Internal Control procedures for government entities.  BPI can design and set up a system of internal control. We can evaluate your current financial workflow procedures, and then recommend improved processes so as to help reduce errors and prevent fraud. In particular, we can help your entity come into regulatory compliance in this area. 


  • Internal Controls: Best Practices for Staff Accountability; Handling of Cash, Receipts, And Bank Deposits; Bank Account Reconciliation; Accounts Payable; Check Signing; Supporting Documentation And Files

  • Financial Planning

  • Business Operations and Management

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Managing Change

  • Financial System Setup and Procedures


Call us and ask for CEO Beth Marsh.  She will personally listen, evaluate your needs at no charge, and honestly advise you on if Bookkeeping Plus is the best firm for you. 

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