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Bookkeeping Plus, Inc. provides accounting and consulting services to businesses, professions, nonprofits, government entities, and schools in Indiana and other states. We are based near Indianapolis and employ 20 experienced professionals and support staff.

Our business success is the direct result of the success of our clients.

BPI has a few formal principles to guide our work: 1) Clients must be treated with the utmost honesty and integrity, 2) Distinctive and adaptable customer service will guide our client relationships, and 3) We will dedicate ourselves to our clients and show respect for their time, data, and information. In implementing these principles, our mission is to provide personalized customer care with unparalleled attention to detail.


But our focus has always been more on living our principles than just defining them. We seek to take good care of our clients and our colleagues each day, guided by these principles of professionalism, integrity, and excellence.

We encourage our prospective customers to ask around about BPI, because we know you are going to be impressed with the answer. Our reputation is real, and earned, and unequaled. That is what makes Bookkeeping Plus different.

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It all started nearly three decades ago in her mom and dad’s house. Beth Marsh was a new graduate of Indiana University’s accounting program, and had just landed her first client. Today, the company she founded serves scores of small businesses, medical practices, schools, nonprofits, and government entities.

A lot has changed since 1987, but Beth’s commitment remains the same as it was in those early home-office days: “Get to know your client, find out what they need, do your homework and work hard for them every single day.”

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