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A nonprofit entity has special requirements for its operations and accounting system. Bookkeeping Plus has worked hard over the years to develop its reputation for unique expertise in this area.


  • Foundations

  • Trade Associations

  • Charities

  • Churches

  • Community Development Centers

  • Other 501(c)(3) entities

  • United Way Recipients


Depending on the type of entity and its specific needs, our services to a not-for-profit entity may include:




  • Setting up the accounting system

  • Making daily entries of transactions

  • Managing accounts (or pledges) receivable

  • Managing accounts payable and purchase orders

  • Preparing financial statements such as the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Statement of Cash Flows

  • Reconciling bank and credit card accounts

  • Generating monthly, quarterly, or annual performance reports; preparing custom reports upon request for use by the entity’s donors, lenders, or other third parties

  • Providing the necessary information to the entity’s tax preparers

  • Preparing the accounting system for audits

  • Process in-house payroll

  • Process payroll using third-party payroll providers

  • Generate necessary reconciliations and reports

  • Track payroll to proper grants

  • Manage retirement savings plan transactions



Associations often find it challenging to efficiently track membership dues. BPI is experienced in setting up a tracking system, receiving and recording dues payments, and generating monthly or periodic dues statements for sending to members.


Charities rely on a variety of fundraising methods. Often these involve soliciting and receiving pledges from supporters. BPI works with the client in effectively tracking the pledgers and the amounts pledged. We record and report on the pledge receivables, prepare receipts and deposits, and process pledges.


Some government grants are structured as reimbursables, in that the grant recipient must first expend the earmarked funds and then apply for reimbursement from the government source. These can be complicated to track and report.

Many grants, especially government grants, have very specific usage requirements or limitations, as well as burdensome reporting requirements. BPI helps not-for-profit entities manage their private and public grants.

Grants to nonprofit organizations include:

  • Donations by private foundations

  • Grants from federal and state sources

  • Funding from organizations such as United Way

  • Matching grants from various public and private sources, in which the donor contributes funds in an amount calculated as a function of funds raised separately or privately by the entity seeking donations

  • Special donations from quasi-public entities such as arts foundations

  • Testamentary devises and private trusts


When it comes to developing a budget, identifying the revenues, dues, pledges, or grants is only the first step. Frugally and effectively managing the expenditure of such funds is as important as raising the funds in the first place. This step involves crafting a comprehensive, detailed budget. Then, as the fiscal year progresses, we prepare reports such as the budget-to-actual comparison.


Cash flow forecasting is an important corollary step, and is as much an art as it is a skill. This is because, in the not-for-profit world, revenue types and amounts are not entirely predictable. First, the timing of receipt of revenue sources can be unreliable. Second, often there is a variability or unpredictability in the sums to be received (e.g. in the case of pledge drives) or uncertainty as to upcoming legislative funding decisions.


Good business practice demands that internal controls procedures be in place, for the protection of the entity and to ensure accountability of the staff.  BPI can help you implement an internal controls policy to cover these key areas:

  • Handling of cash, receipts, and bank deposits

  • Bank account reconciliation

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable and check writing

  • Check signing

  • Purchasing and inventory receiving

  • Supporting documentation and files


Many types of nonprofit organizations labor under very stringent audit requirements. BPI knows how to keep the accounts audit-ready. We have experience with A-133 audits. We are also on-the-spot when it comes to providing information needed or requested by the auditors. This helps save time during the audit and consequently, save money for the client.


Call us and ask for CEO Beth Marsh.  She will personally listen, evaluate your needs at no charge, and honestly advise you on if Bookkeeping Plus is the best firm for you. 

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