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Workplace Security and The Need for Training

In today’s business environment, workplace security is an important issue.  Have you considered providing safety training to your staff?

In my last article, I recommended that companies consider creating a crisis management manual to ensure their preparedness for natural or man-made disasters.  In addition, you may want to provide some information or training to your employees on how to respond to certain crisis situations.

Your local police department may offer a training class or materials on topical issues such as what to do in the event of an armed intruder.  One of the keys is to stay alert to your surroundings and take action if something seems amiss.  The authorities will tell you that if there is somebody around your workplace who does not look like they belong there or who seems suspicious, let your supervisor know right away or call the police. When it comes to your safety, be proactive!

Your local police department or related institutions may also offer self-defense classes.  In Greenfield, Indiana, we appreciate our local authorities for their excellent community outreach. 

You might want to consider contacting the law enforcement agencies in your area to see if they offer training in being prepared for a workplace emergency.  —Beth A. Marsh, CEO

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