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Make Your Company a Great Place to Work, Part 4

Part four of our series looks at how to make even routine staff meetings more fun, and provides examples of special events for your company.

Better communication, work-life balance, and employee comfort were the topics of our first three articles on how to improve your workplace. Now let’s look at meetings and special events. It is unfortunate that the COVID pandemic has put a damper on our regular activities, but eventually things will get back to normal, and so will the routines at Bookkeeping Plus.

In our industry, regular staff meetings are a necessity. We provide training, discuss new procedures, and of course deal with changes in accounting rules and regulations. But such gatherings do not have to be boring. For example, Bookkeeping Plus purchased a plinko board, and during our meetings we hold drawings where the winners’ prizes are determined by their turn on the plinko board. Each of these small efforts helps your workplace to stand apart from the typical humdrum office.

We have lunch catered in often, especially during our busy seasons. (The staff is always asked for their input on restaurants and menus.) In the spring, BPI takes everyone on a day-trip, with the theme and attractions varying each year.

We’re all family here, so these get-togethers seem natural for us. Perhaps COVID has necessitated some changes, but we will continue to place a priority on building camaraderie in the workplace. —Beth A. Marsh, CEO

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