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Make Your Company a Great Place to Work, Part 2

The second entry in our series focuses on providing work/life balance for your employees, including being family-friendly.

In the previous article, I observed that great communication in the office is a key attribute in making sure people enjoy being part of your team. Now let’s move outside the office, and recognize that your employees have lives outside of work. It is a fact of life that our emotions and energies from one arena carry over into the other, and vice-versa. How can you as an employer help provide the synergy that allows your staff to be successful in both their personal and professional lives?

At Bookkeeping Plus, we start by recognizing the intersection between home and office. For example, sometimes employees have needed the flexibility to arrive late or leave early to transport their kids to or from school. Established employees can make arrangements to work from home on bad-weather days or other unavoidable circumstances. Over the years, we have had employees who are coaches or caregivers, or who needed to travel occasionally for family responsibilities. In each case, we try to figure out how to accommodate their particular situation, while still ensuring that their productivity meets the needs of their department, their co-workers, and their clients.

So make sure you provide your staff with the flexibility to find their own work/life balance. It’s an old saying, but still true: Take good care of your team, and they will take good care of you. —Beth A. Marsh, CEO

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