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Working Remotely with our Clients

When times change, our methodologies must evolve.  Bookkeeping Plus (BPI) has begun using Zoom to conduct meetings with our clients and our work-from-home employees.  We are also implementing a new remote access system that will allow us to connect remotely to the computer that our client has designated for BPI’s accounting work.

The new software is similar to LogMeIn or TeamViewer, in that BPI will be able to connect to our client’s computer and use it for performing our accounting services.  The system is designed to be secure and we will continue to safeguard their data as always.   

In these uncertain times, using these new methods will eliminate the need for us to visit the client’s office in person.  We are committed to continue providing our clients with excellent, reliable accounting services. 

Years ago, when the ability to remotely access a distant computer first became available, it seemed revolutionary.  Now, working on a client’s accounting remotely is becoming routine.  Times have indeed changed!  —Beth A. Marsh, CEO

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