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Back to Normal at Bookkeeping Plus

The headline for this blog is a little misleading!  Bookkeeping Plus is still serving clients just as it always has, except that “normal” is now a “new normal.”

Since 1987, I’ve been practicing accounting, and after that long a time, you feel like you’ve seen it all!  I have worked successfully over the years with my clients as they have gone through many changes—starting a new business, expanding operations, adding employees, selling the business, downsizing, weathering a recession, you name it.  In fact, the changes that my clients go through were the inspiration for the slogan I’ve been using for Bookkeeping Plus since its inception: “Balancing the Changes in Your Business.”

But like everyone else, I’ve never seen this many changes occurring this fast!  Social distancing, businesses ordered to close their doors, new government restrictions and new government bail-out packages. 

At Bookkeeping Plus, we remain fully staffed because the governor has designated accounting as an Essential Business—since every organization must have ongoing financial, accounting, and tax-related information in order to continue to operate.  So, BPI continues to do the accounting work for our clients as usual.  But our new normal includes many employees working from home; new software to remotely access our clients’ data and bookkeeping software; and a prohibition against anyone entering our building except staff.  We’re using secure email software to send documents back and forth, and for paper documents, we’re burning up the FedEx highway!

What does the new normal look like for your organization?  As you navigate the changes in your operations, Bookkeeping Plus can help.  Feel free to give me a call, and we can talk about your finances and possibly some new ways of getting through these unexpected and turbulent times.  —Beth A. Marsh, CEO

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