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The Mission is the Message

Your company may or not have a Mission Statement.  But at least it needs to have a mission, and to be clear on what that mission is.  For example, here is the Bookkeeping Plus Mission Statement:

Guiding Principles

  • Clients will be treated with the utmost honesty and integrity.

  • Distinctive and adaptable customer service will guide our client relationships.

  • We will dedicate ourselves to our clients and show respect for their time, data and information.

In implementing these principles, our mission is to provide personalized customer care with unparalleled attention to detail.

Type “mission statement” into a search engine and you will find hundreds of articles on how to write a good mission statement.  Follow their advice and you can write a good mission statement for your entity.  But even the best mission statement is of limited value unless you use it to promote the purpose and goals of your entity and the values that guide the pursuit of those goals. 

As accountants, Bookkeeping Plus is a service company—not just because we provide accounting services, but because we recognize that our function is to serve others in the broader sense.  First, we seek to take good care of our Clients, guided by the principles of professionalism, integrity, and excellence.  Second, we also seek to look out for our Co-workers, those who work alongside us every day as we work hard to serve our clients.  Third, we strive to support and give back to our Community, through our various charitable activities and contributions.  It may sound corny and old-fashioned, but these three “C’s” add up to a fourth “C”, which we hope is reflected in everything we do: Caring.

Yes, Bookkeeping Plus has a formal “mission statement.”  But three decades of living our mission has helped us to act upon its definition.  Put another way, a mission can best be found in the doing, not in the defining.  —Beth A. Marsh, CEO

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