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How did BPI earn the reputation for excellence that has made us one of the leading accountants in the state for schools, small businesses, and others? It turns out that great customer service begins at home—literally. Find out how Beth (Reynolds) Marsh grew her business from humble beginnings 29 years ago!

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Superb service is more than just RELIABLE BOOKKEEPING
To achieve the success you seek, you need more than just dependable and accurate bookkeeping. You need genuine accounting expertise from someone who can offer consulting in the financial aspects of your business. That’s the “plus” in Bookkeeping Plus!  

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What business are you in? For everything from schools to veterinarians, we’ve been there, working alongside our clients in that industry. When experience counts, count on Bookkeeping Plus. Small business, big schools, non-profits, healthcare—even government entities. Let us tailor our know-how to your need-now!  

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About Us

BPI is a company of 25 of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Oh, and we’re pretty good accountants, too. Get acquainted with Beth (Reynolds) Marsh and her team, and you’ll see what we mean.

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We love what we do, and we like contributing to our clients’ success. Bookkeeping and accounting, advice and analysis, planning and procedures—it’s all part of the “plus” in Bookkeeping Plus!



Maybe you have a small business, school, or nonprofit. It’s our job to know what you need to know for your entity. We’ve got the experience to be the best accountants and advisers you’ve ever had.


Welcome to Bookkeeping Plus, Inc.

Full-Service Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Training Services

For the quick overview, click on our Quick Start page. We also hope you will take a moment to get acquainted with Beth (Reynolds) Marsh, who has been helping small businesses of all kinds with efficient bookkeeping and great business advice. In the process, she has successfully built Bookkeeping Plus, Inc. (BPI) into one of the leading firms of its type in Indiana, with a 7,000 square-foot office building near Indianapolis. Check out our online newsletter, "Intangibles," in our Resources section.

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